Nutfield Priory, Redhill, wedding

What a fantastic day this was.  It was such a relaxing event and had so many smiling people it was a pleasure to photograph.  Now most brides pray for good weather on their day - I think Lorraine and Osborne must have prayed a lot as the sunshine was Glorious on this bank holiday Monday.

The Nutfield Priory is an absolute gem of a venue.  The views down the valley are stunning and the rooms inside provided an elegance and sophistication which enabled some beautiful moments to be captured.  I was asked by Lorraine to try and capture as many candid photos as I could of her guests - the venue and weather certainly allowed me to do that!  Beautiful weather, beautiful people, beautiful venue = lots of smiles (especially with the kids!)

Highlight for me - the moment Osborne got his suit button tangled up in one of his guests' dresses - and then proceeded for about five minutes trying to untangle themselves - it was hilarious looking back at the photos as I could see the laughter building and building as more and more people waded in to try and untangle them.

Lastly we ended the night with a sparkler shot for Lorraine - who in her pre-meeting told me in no unequivocal terms that she loves sparkly things.  So what was my approach here to maximise sparkles? Simple  - get loads of guests together, give them each a sparkler and get them to run around like mad idiots for 30 seconds.  Next time I do this I am going to video everyone running around - what a sight.  I certainly hope the photo provides enough sparkles!

Enjoy the gallery and again it was an absolute pleasure.