Northbrook park wedding

Now I don't use the word perfect very often - but I absolutely loved everything about this wedding - and I mean everything.  I was absolutely captivated by the beautiful venue, the wonderful Jill and Paul and two fantastic families.  This was a wedding blend of all the best things I love about America and the best things I love about England - combine it with glorious sunshine all day and you have your recipe for perfect.

Northbrook park is simply beautiful (i was in photographers paradise) and I love it when a venue enables both the bridal and groom party to stay there as it means I get to photograph the boys and the girls getting ready - the boys definitely were not drinking Jill!  We had the pleasure of little Easton with the girls who was being super super cute - he also managed to invent a new game of " can i throw my socks out of the window"

Jill had organised so many little touches throughout the venue that it looked not only beautiful but everywhere you turned there was a little detail to photograph - Jills attention to detail was exquisite -hopefully i did them all justice through the photographs.

I also need to give three special shout outs - firstly to Boris! Everyone needs a Boris at a wedding - Fact.  Never have i had a member of the grooms party organise people so well for the family photos - Really helped me out.  Secondly to Kim and Julie for "that cake" - oh my days, i have never tasted anything as amazing as that wedding cake (I so need that recipe and if i need to import some Quick whip/cool whip/something whip (not too sure what it is) then i will do so) - unbelievable.  Finally to the very talented brother of Jill - Ryan. Not only did he do a fantastic job as the minister - he also sang two amazing renditions, one through the ceremony and first dance - a very talented guy.

So I hope you enjoy these photos.  I really enjoyed editing them and remembering so many little things that happened throughout the day.  I hope you guys stay in touch and I wish Jill and Paul all the best as they settle into their new life in the US.