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“This is the only job I have ever had that actually matters….”

I believe special moments that really matter in life should be captured forever in a photo.  That's me proposing to my wife and I wanted us to remember that moment, how we felt, the location, the emotion, forever.  I would love the chance to photograph your moments too, in fact it would be an honour.  Browse through our photo gallery and then get in contact to discuss how we can help.

My style...

Photographing weddings is so special.  It is important to my clients that we photograph the natural emotion, reactions and special moments as organically as possible.  I do also like to promote a degree of creativity with some managed staged shots when possible to ensure those dramatic photos you desire come to life.  

For your wedding day I am 90% lifestyle shooting - this is a documentary style of photography for the most part but with some careful tailoring of posing and forward thinking of locations and shots that will create a slightly more stylish product than just letting the day unfold.  The other 10% will be artistic opportunities to capture some unique shots utilising off camera flash where possible.

My goal is to make sure that your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible so you can relax and enjoy your day - this happens through the process of ensuring I get to know you both well in advance, what you are looking for from your photos and what matters most to you.

If you would like to meet me please get in touch and if you have specific shots or styles you like then please bring them along to our first meeting and we can discuss.

About me...

 The other special lady in my life

The other special lady in my life


That's me and my wife on the happiest day of our life (photo by the amazing shooting suzy!) I first picked up a camera over fifteen years ago - a simple point and shoot with a whopping 4 mega pixels so I could take photos of a trip to San Francisco - fantastic place BTW - and when I returned I had a few throw away comments from friends that the photos were really good.  So I started to take more and more.

Then I decided to upgrade to a DSLR camera so I could really start to explore photography and try new things - fair to say I have never looked back.  I think at this point of my life I was an enthusiastic hobbyist - taking photos when out and about and attending workshops and other courses.

My decision to turn Pro was an easy one, I had been in my job for years, for the same company and was destined to ride that gravy train until the pension kicked in.... and then my daughter was born.  For someone who can't speak she teaches me so much, how important it is to be happy, how important it is to love what you do and how important being happy affects me and my family.   With the support of my wife our business was launched and we have never looked back.

I love photography, I love attending weddings and I love being part of the process and I promise that you will see that love shine through in my work.