Wedding day Gift Cards

This is a story as old as time (or as old as weddings, anyway).  You book your photographer, you spend a lot of money towards your wedding, you have a lot of organising, a lot going on... The simplest option for your wedding photos seems to be to get the digital images for now - knowing that at some point in the future you may get an album, you may get a print or a canvas but most importantly you can sort it out later.  And of course you absolutely can, however will you? or will your files just sit on your computer in a file.  

Let me tell you about two trends:

1) In a survey by Confetti in 2014, they found that over 80% of brides and grooms getting married that year asked for a donation rather than a gift list.  I get it, so did i - we already had a toaster thanks!  You may be pencilling in some of this money for a house move, honeymoon or maybe that wedding album that you will get printed at some point after the wedding!

2) Guests, particularly immediate family, can feel a little cold just putting cash in an envelope - they feel so much happier knowing their gift is contributing to something meaningful for you and your partner.  Ideally, they would love to know that the money is being spent on a specific item, a tangible product that they know you will love and cherish for years to come.

The answer:

You can now offer Matt Trott Photography Gift cards to your guests!  Rather than just handing over cash, your guests feel great knowing that their money will provide a gift that will last a lifetime.... And for you that album or set of prints that you have in your mind for the future - you will actually have. 


How does it work

If this is something that you want to pursue then let me know in the first instance - we will then follow the steps below.  

Step 1: I will provide you with details of album options/print options so you can understand the prices.

Step 2: We will then agree a limit to the amount you would like to raise through guests' contributions.  You can either do this as a total amount and work out post wedding what products you would like to order, or include your preferred products on your gift list so your guests know what they are buying specifically. 

Step 3: If you've opted for a total amount, we will convert the total into a series of gift card amounts i.e £50 gift cards or £100 gift cards or a combination of each.

Step 4: You let your guests know about the gift cards - you can do this however you like! If you'd like to do this by email I can provide a template.

Step 5: If a guest decides to purchase a gift card, they can contact me at  Once payment has been made i will arrange for a gift card to be posted to the guest - these are high quality mini postcard sized gift cards with envelope.  Your guest can then include it with their wedding card if they wish.

Step 6: After your wedding and after you have seen (and no doubt loved :) ) your photos - we will get back together to finalise your orders. You select the photos and products, and we will arrange for them to be created and delivered to your address.

Step7: enjoy them!

Gift card front

Gift card front

Gift card back

Gift card back