...how do you create THOSE shots....

So i get this question asked a lot, so i thought i would write a blog post on it so everyone understands how i do it, how long it takes and things to consider.

I plan for each wedding to try and deliver a unique shot, sometimes using off camera flash, sometimes using my pixelstick friend - most importantly I talk this through with each of my clients in advance and make sure we both have a clear vision of what we are trying to achieve.

I always get asked whether i add the colour afterwards! Simple answer is “no”. This is all done on site, in camera on the night. I set the camera up for a 30 seconds exposure and then run around with my pixelstick to create the colours before freezing you in the shot with a flash blast.

This type of shot takes me about 15 minutes to set up and test but I only invite my clients out once i am set-up - that way you are outside for only a couple of minutes - i don’t want to keep you from your party any longer than i have to. All i ask from you is you stand very still!

It was these style of photos that won me my first awards due to their uniqueness. This is not easy to do but the clients that have asked for them thoroughly enjoy the process - the excitement builds as i run around in that 30 seconds - before i give them a quick sneak peak at the back of the camera. It’s a fantastic way to end the night

It doesnt always have to be my lightstick - this image above was taken in a underpass in greenwich. a very quick set up of flashes and colour gels just means i can quickly get you a unique shot that hopefully you recognise as your own piece of art and something you will be proud to hang on the wall.

So make sure you talk to me about these type of shots in the lead up to the wedding - what you are looking to get out of it, any ideas you have and I’ll make sure it happens. Even fancy a more classic white look or black and white - all the options are on the table

Remember talk to me - no matter how crazy your ideas are - See below!