Frequently Asked Questions

Your wedding day is a big deal!

You have lots of questions and are not sure where to start. 
Below is a list of popular questions that I get asked, along with my answers. 
If there are any other questions you have then please drop me an email and I'll get in touch.



How long do you spend with us on the day?

I have a few packages available but assuming you take the full day package, I will arrive when you are getting ready, and stay for two hours/90 minutes (depending on logisitics) to ensure I get plenty of shots of the bridal party.  

This also leaves enough time to get some detailed shots of the venue before guests start arriving. 

I am then with you all day, all the way through to roughly an hour after your first dance or until I feel I have enough photos that fully tells the story of your day. For each wedding i produce you your own personalised photo timeline so that it is very clear where i will be and how we will capture your day.



We got engaged a while ago so are there any benefits of an engagement shoot?

I hear this quite a lot and I get it. However, I believe it is a very important part of your eventual day for the following reasons:

  • As soon as I lift my camera up and start taking photos, couples generally freeze, they don't know what to do with their hands, maybe they are not sure on how to stand. That's ok, it's perfectly natural, most people find themselves in that position. So, the engagement shoot is an ideal opportunity to practice posing, getting comfortable and ultimately learn to relax and just have fun.

  • Sometimes my couples like to use these photos for 'Save the date' cards or a personalised welcome sign or guest book on the wedding day for example.

  • You get to see how the two of you look in professional photos and will learn what you like best and what not so much. It's ideal to do this in advance of your wedding day rather than during it.

  • Finally, you get some natural looking/relaxed fun photos of the two of you, can you honestly say you have that? - perfect!


Will I get to keep all the photos?

Absolutely;  All my packages come with an online viewing gallery for my clients that I will deliver to you post the wedding.  You can then download as many photos as you like, when you like.  You can even share the gallery with your friends and family.  The online gallery will enable pictures to be printed at a gallery I thoroughly recommend for quality and colour matching. However, as you can download each and every photo you are also free to get photos printed yourselves.


What format and quality will the photos be delivered in?

All the photos delivered in the online gallery will be high resolution and print quality.  They will all be delivered in JPEG format, which gives clients the greatest options to view on multiple devices.  I always shoot on the day in a file format called RAW - this enables the camera to capture extra detail and, in return, enables me to process the photos quickly post the wedding and add photoshop/lightroom presets that creates a style that is unique to every photographer.