The perfect lifestyle family photo shoot

Blue eyes.....Baby's got blue eyes....

Wow - the first time I meet baby Grace i was absolutely mesmerised by her gorgeous blue eyes.  Even though she's just five months old you can tell she will grow into a gorgeous little lady.  

Now what can i say about Max - he absolutely loved having his photo taken - he was an absolute superstar and did everything that was asked of him - he couldn't quite believe i was only year older than him ;)  - he was adamant I was in my 30's??

I meet up with Emily, Rich and family on a cold January Saturday morning (i think we had a sunny day one time this month right?)  - but inside their house it was nothing but smiles - I can't remember grace crying a single time - perfect customer.

I absolutely love doing these types of shoots - it's these sorts of moments when you are all snuggling up on the sofa or all lying on the bed that you never get caught on camera and all you have are your memories - that's why i love doing these natural candid shots - it's real life, real emotion - real memories.

It's been an absolute pleasure, beautiful family

p.s. did i mention Gracie's beautiful eyes?